Friday, 9 October 2009

Mirima - a small cousin of the Bungle Bungles

Mirima has a distinct resemblance to the famous Bungle Bungles. The stripey red and grey strata show perhaps a little less contrast and certainly the mounts are lower, but the link in unmistakeable. They are however just a stones throw away from the town, so visiting is much easier.
The start of the trail.
A view along the approaches.Rich colours and beautiful textures.
An unusual formation on one of the smaller connected peaks.
The view from the top over the township of Kununurra.
Also from the summit, a look across the nearby peaks.
On the return trek - a view down into the valley.
Near the entrance to the Park a 'twin' Boab tree. Do they look like a couple dancing to you?
As the sun goes down, a small mountain formation can be seen that is called 'the Buddha' locally.
But back at the camping site, the actual sunset can be quite stunning. The flecks in the sky are bats which fill the air with their squeaking around this time.

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