The BIG Sept to Feb Land Trip

On 28th August 2010 Liz and I loaded our Ford Falcon saloon car with all the accoutrements of camping; tent, stove, pots, pans, bedding, baby grand piano, just kidding. But it was full. We then set off north and just a bit west with a view to making a giant loop across the top of Oz, down the left hand side, east along the south coast before heading north again to Alice and pressing on home to Bundaberg.

The map shows the route and if the top right is a bit confusing, I apologise, we actually visited Cairns on the final leg of the trip, if that helps.

View Grand Plan in a larger map

Facts and figures:
Miles travelled 19,126
Petrol gallons 708
Hottest place: Could be a tie for first place; Adelaide or Alice Springs ...or maybe Karratha, no could have been Cossack. It was Adelaide where, stupidly, we had left the thermometer in the car whilst we took the bus into town. The poor thing had a max, temperature of 60 degC and it burst leaving little shards of glass and a pong of alcohol. 40 degC was commonplace. But it's a price we willingly paid to see the countryside.