Sunday, 4 October 2009

Across the Border

The journey from Timber Creek in Northern Territory to Kununurra in Western Australia was full of natural beauty.

The mighty Victoria River with its tinged shallows.
and many Bridges.
The Boab trees. Some of colossal size.
Entering Western Australia. Prepare to handover your fruit and veg.
Off the main highway to see the Ord River dam. The flooded area is vast.
Nearby, we visit the (re-sited due to the dam project) homestead of the Durack family. In the grounds - a frilled lizard, with his frill in repose mode.

and also the bower created by the Bower bird to attract or impress his prospective mate.
On the return to the main highway, Kapok trees were flowering, fruiting and seeding by the roadside.

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