Saturday, 3 October 2009

Timber Creek - last stop in the Territory

A long hot road extends from Katherine, west towards Timber Creek.
We think it had a beauty of its own, as the mesa-like mountains typical of the Kimberley region start to take shape on the horizon.
All set up in our site at Timber Creek. A charming location, but just down the slope from our tent...
...were these fellows.

The camp site owners arrange a 5.0pm feeding time each evening. One of the workers dangles chunks of raw meat from a pole and line and the crocs leap out of the water to snap the morsels. The good thing is that they are fresh water crocs. 'Freshies' are not supposed to be dangerous to humans - we hope that they have signed up to this deal.

Only a one night stop here. Tomorrow we set off to cross the border into Western Australia. But before we leave the town; they have an historic site related to its police presence there.

Note the reference to Trackers on the plaque. Men from the local indigenous peoples were employed to great effect in this capacity and we found reference to individuals who became legends in their task.

The structure behind the picturesque Boab tree is the frame of a police tent. They had no solid buildings at first, the climate ranges from hot to inferno - so no need for the warmth provided by walls. Pictures showed canvas hung between the uprights and roof.

A basic holding cell.

This rather more substantial building was the police station until more recently.

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