Monday, 5 October 2009

Ivanhoe Crossing

Our first stop in Western Australia, Kununurra. A lively town, relatively small, but with good facilities; banks, supermarket, library etc.
The above is an overview of Kununurra.
The Ivanhoe Crossing is a concrete causeway over the Ord River, near to the Ivanhoe Station Homestead, north of Kununurra. It was originally part of the main road through to Wyndham.
Since the start of the Ord irrigation project in the 1960s, the river now flows all year round, making the crossing impassable during the wet season when the river level is higher.

It is a popular spot for barramundi fishing and picnicking. Swimming and standing on the crossing to fish are not recommended due to the presence of salt water crocodiles.

One of the attractions of Kununurra is the oldest rum distillery in Western Australia.
We enrolled for a guided tour.
...and were instructed on the processes from start to finish.
The barrels
The bottles
..and the logo!

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