Monday, 14 September 2009

Renner Springs

We left Camooweal and after only a few kilometres arrived at the Northern Territory border and quarantine controls. But only a signpost did we see. No check-points, no de-briefings. We had shed all our vegetables and fruit and now we have a 500 km+ drive with no shops in between.
Quite simply, it's a long way. The scenery doesn't change an awful lot, but there are points of interest that crop up quite regularly. The Avon Downs Police Post is a notable example - way away from anywhere it must be quite a remote posting.
Further on a stopping place we considered - the Barkly Homestead. It looked really very nice, there was a strong Telstra (internet) signal and we were tempted to stay, but it was early in the day and we could make a lot more distance.
Turning north at Three Ways, we spotted the monument to the Reverend John Flynn (mentioned before as the founder of the Flying Doctor Service etc.). This piece of stonework was mentioned in our guidebook at probably the ugliest memorial in the Territory.
A close up of the inscription:

Finally we arrived at the Renner Springs Desert Hotel Motel. They had room for campers and caravanners, so we pitched out tent and had a walk around.

We found a spring...

...and some hostile geese!

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