Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Jabiru in Kakadu National Park

Jabiru is a small town in the north of Kakadu National Park and our visit here naturally divides into sections as there are recommended sites of interest which of course we visited.


The first site was Nourlangie which was on our route from Cooinda to Jabiru. Famous for Aboriginal stone art but also boasting some beautiful scenery.
After the rock art, a short climb to some wonderful scenery.

We revisited Nourlangie a couple of days later and saw a couple more significant rock paintings, most notably the ship.
This one is more traditional.
But now for the veil!
Does this convey to you the level of fly infestation that exists around here? Some of us are tough however and just keep wafting. The 'Aussie salute' they call it.


Another site famous for rock painting. This was our first exposure to the 'skeleton' technique. You can spot in some of the pictures, that the animals depicted show their skeletons picked out on their profiles. Interesting.

A marked trail led to this vantage point. It was the lushness and green-ness of the plains area that amazed us.

The Border Store is what the name says. It lies on the border with Arnhemland, an area owned and occupied solely by the local indigenous people. Everyone else must have a permit to enter.
Cahill's Crossing is the actual border and is 'crossable' at modest states of tide...
but some take more chances than others!

Also at high water, the fish make a desparate bid to swim downstream and the opportunists lie in wait.
This fellow sat for many minutes with his nose against the overfalls.

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