Thursday, 3 September 2009

Alpha. Should we have started here?

A straight road all the way.
Looks deceptively short trip on the map, but in fact it measures 292 kms and the scenery changes very little over the distance.
We pulled into Emerald and paused for a little look around. Like many towns it boasted an elaborate railway station.
The notes on the Emerald also announced that the town had the largest art masterpiece (copy) in the world on an easel. We found it without difficulty, it was Van Gogh's Sunflowers erected on a massive structure in the centre of the park.
In their botanical gardens was a sculpture, that depicted children playing with balls. It looked like a game of crown green bowls in progress to us.

Plus another feature that celebrated a significant milestone in Australia's history.
After Emerald - Saphire. The connection is obvious, and here we drove through the old mining area. then finally ...alpha. (it doesn't sound right that somehow).
This is just a shot of weather that we were heading into. It had vanished before we reached those distant hills.
Alpha however, was one of those places that we warmed to almost immedia. One of our first encounters was with the town baker. A real character who quizzed us on our origins and finally wondered if we had a recipe for Melton Mowbray pies.
It publicises itself as the town of murals and we drove/walked the town trail to find them all. Here is just a sample.

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