Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Cania Gorge to Dingo

From Cania Gorge to Dingo is 270 kms. (169 miles).
Many towns and villages in Australia have imposing murals and this community centre in Lewty is typical.
It is a rural route virtually all the way and we were struck by the change of crops having lived surrounded by sugar cane for some while now, it was interesting to see wheat (or is it barley) ripening in the sunshine.

Pausing through Biloela for fuel, we also were compelled to buy new sleeping bags. The last nights spent in Cania Gorge were cool and our 'vintage' bags showed their age.

Dingo we felt was an optimum target for a stop-over and on reaching the town we were quite surprised how small it was. After cruising the area twice, we found the site and asked for a place to pitch our tent. "With power please." We always ask, it helps to use the computers to download and look at our photos of the day. "You could have an air conditioned room for the same price," was the reply. So we opted for an air conditioned room. 'Bijou' I think would be the standard estate agents' description.

The town boasted a statue of...

...a dingo.
And also a fair sized Rodeo ground. We loved the advertisements around the arena and also the old railway station offices that were now used as Rodeo Officials' offices.

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David said...

How big were the rooms? They don't look big enough to hold a bed!