Saturday, 24 January 2009

Bundaberg to Gympie

Our car ...a passport to land exploration.
It's a Ford Falcon recently purchased, fettled and ready for off. The plan is to take two days to drive the 350k to Brisbane.
Australia's road system is excellent (if a bit eccentric in white line markings - in the opinion of a humble Pommie). One facility we would like to see in the UK is the Driver Reviver stops. Manned by volunteers, they dish out free coffee to encourage drivers to have a break. It would be churlish to refuse I thought.
We spotted a new animal warning sign. Look out for Koalas!

Our overnight destination was Gympie. Originally settled for grazing purposes, in 1867 the area became prominent when James Nash discovered gold.
At the time Queensland was suffering from a severe economic depression and the discovery probably saved the colony from bankruptcy. This event is still celebrated today in the Gympie Gold Rush Festival, held annually from the 8–18 October.
The town was originally named Nashville in his honour, but only for a year before the name Gympie was adopted.
The old mining museum with historic memorabilia is just outside town as well as the monument to the town's gold miners.
...alongside a beautifully maintained park area.

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