Sunday, 25 January 2009

Gympie to Brisbane

About 60 km southeast of Gympie is the Shire of Noosa and town of the same name. The Noosa area was originally home to several indigenous groups. We read that
...although much of the culture and presence of the traditional owners of the Noosa district has been lost during the short period of white settlement, there still exist many subtle reminders.
...too subtle for us. The modern Noosa is a 'gentile' type of beach and waterfront resort and residential area. Population 52,000 and will enjoy the Centenary of its founding next year (2010).
We stayed only long enough to take a few photographs before pressing on.

Another 50kms and we have to stop and see the giant pineapple at Nambour.
Nambour's primary industry has been sugar, with extensive cane fields surrounding the town, and the Moreton Sugar Mill in the town centre. The mill itself was closed in 2003, and the long term future of the sugar industry in the area is in doubt. Other industries in the area include tourism, and the growing of tropical fruits. The Big Pineapple tourist attraction on the southern outskirts of the town reflects both of these pursuits.
Amongst the famous names associated with the town are Kevin Rudd, the current Prime Minister of Australia who was born here and Pat Rafter tennis player and winner of several grand slam titles who started his competition career here in Noosa.
We finished our journey in Brisbane and crossed the river (of the same name) which gave us a glimpse of the modern city skyline.

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