Saturday, 10 March 2012

Pangkor Resort Island Marina

IMG_3315Back to Ellida after a 3 month break in UK. There is always that ‘bated breath’ moment when the hatch is unlocked and the boat interior is revealed. Will there be unwanted visitors; ants, cockroaches or even rats?  But no, all seemed fine, even the battery power level had been kept to an acceptable level by single solar panel.

Now the only hurdle is the jet lag. I’m sure I read an article somewhere that said, ‘for every thousand miles of latitude, allow one ‘recovery day’.  Surely it can’t be that much …can it? Let’s see …we’ve just done 100o of easting, so that’s 6,000 miles  = 6 days!!!

Our plans are still taking shape, but we have decided to remain in this area (Malaysia/Thailand) for at least a year or two. The piracy threat in the Indian Ocean is still far too serious to ignore and we have plenty to see here. In fact, we have booked a one week trip to Cambodia (departing on 15thMarch) where we plan to explore the Angkor Wat area from Siem Reap. Photos will follow, you have been warned.

IMG_3343In the meanwhile, it is only a short walk of perhaps a mile or so (including the bridge shown in the photo) to the mainland where there are a few basic shops and commercial enterprises.

The marina itself is adjacent to the terminal for the ferry to Pulau Pangkor and so has just ‘convenience’ type shops for the trippers to the island.


Martin said...

That's a really beautiful place, hope you can come visit Argentina sometime you can rent some beautifully furnished apartments buenos aires and also visit all of the country's beautiful places

Loes Pennings said...

Dear Graham and Liz

So good to see that you are still travelling around this globe in good health and spirit. We will go through your blog once agan to read it, so inspiring! Carina Rose and its crew are currently in the Chesapeake area, cruising again for a while.
We seem to enjoy it more than 12 years ago, but don't know why, but that is not something to worry about, isn't it?
Love, Wil and Louise