Saturday, 15 November 2008

We have Rum

Other than the marina and the beach, there is little else so close to the coast. The town of Bundaberg is 20 kilometres inland (sorry you Imperial folks, Australia is completely metric) .

Confession time here, I was not aware of Bundaberg when I lived in UK. But it is quite a substantial town and is (at least in Australasia and the Pacific) famous for its Rum and its Ginger Beer.

Both the Rum Factory and the Ginger Beer Plant have visitor centres and when the chance came up, we called in to see the rum factory. The tour of the factory is involves a guide and a fair bit of time, however, the museum is open to the casual visitor, so we opted for that as a starter.

Then made just a quick call on the Ginger Beer visitor centre. We loved its appearance, barrel-like as you can see.
The old delivery lorry is in a custom glass display garage adjacent to the centre.

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