Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Vanuatu - Port Villa to Mele Island

Tuesday 30th September 2008

It was a lovely sunny day yesterday and we had thought of leaving the harbour, but a cut on Dave's foot was beginning to look infected so he and Jackie took a trip to the local hospital. They returned later in the day with a bag of antibiotics, the Bislama instructions filled in on the outside.
We decided to wait and make sure these did the trick before leaving harbour. There are always plenty of little jobs on the boat and that reminds me, the aft heads needs looking at ...Graham. After having a new diaphragm fitted and a shower both the pump and Graham were much nicer to know.

This morning Dave is feeling much better so we sail round to Mele Island in the big outer bay where there is good snorkelling. As we approach the anchorage the rain starts again but we manage to take down the main and get the cover on in time. Then as quickly as it came the rain finishes and the sun comes out. Dave should not put his foot into the water yet so Graham and I take the dinghy ashore to the resort where we know there is an underwater Letter Box.

Well, we sent Ted a card from the volcano so this time it is Noah's turn. The postcards are waterproof complete with printed stamp and the box is not too far off shore. The snorkelling was fun with both natural and artificial reef and lots of fish.

There is a shower on shore so we can rinse off the salt before returning to Elly where we can relax. Dave and Jackie are cooking tonight, chicken paprika with an interesting green vegetable from the market.

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